Seaweed Reunion Proves….. The Sequal is in Fact, Not Lame.

(Damn) This Desert Air
All Eyes West

I’ve spent much of my morning going through images from Friday nights Seaweed Reunion  over at Brooklyn’s Bell House and trying to write this review for Jim over at Jersey Beat but the words just don’t come close to the emotions. Music has been such a integral part of my life. It’s the reason why I started writing and taking pictures. Seaweed is one of those bands that blew me away from the first note. When I heard they were playing a show in Brooklyn I felt like a little school girl. Seriously, I was so excited I could have shit myself. I got to see them a handful of times in the 90’s and till this day listen to their album ‘Four’ in it’s entirety on a regular basis. The record is flawless. Needless to say the show was one for the ages. Honestly there was not a sad face in the entire crowd. Complete strangers became best friends while packed in front of the stage like sardines. As I write this I have to remind myself that it’s not my intention to turn this into a show review. I’ll save that for the article. The point of this is that I am constantly being reminded how much music inspires us. Takes us out of the gloom and doom of the world around us an inspires us to move. During and after the show I ran into so many friends and familiar faces. Seeing Tom, Ticia, Amy Edge, Pete Tabott and TKW who traveled all the way from Richmond just for the show. I appreciated the records from Alf Bartone. His band (Damn) This Desert Air’s sound was epic. I’ve been hearing about All Eyes West for a while now and they were amazing. So much energy coming from those guys. Incredibly special thanks to Jordin and Brendan from Bad Trip for bringing me the “Elevator” and “Seeing With New Eyes” 7 inches. It’s times like these that make me realize I live a charmed life. I’ll be sure to post something more show related later. For now, it’s off to the Taco truck for a late lunch.

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