Steph and Jennifer Extras.

As I started to set up the lighting for this part of the session I had a specific idea in mind. I was inspired by some of the older Black & White film photographers from the 50’s and 60’s. As a kid, long before I even picked up a camera my Mom always had old photography books around the apartment. I would gaze at those books for hours on end. It was storytelling at it’s best.I always wanted to capture that look and feel.  Though I’ve been exclusively shooting in digital over the past couple of years I have been told that a lot of my digital monochrome images look and feel like old Black & White print film. Which, to me is one hell of a compliment. By setting the lights and messing with the cameras settings I came pretty damn close to achieving my goal. As for boudoir photography…. It’s something I’ve become very comfortable with. It beats the hell out of awkwardly positioning the model on a cold. hard floor. I can also get amazing angles and and position myself in a way that does not kill my knees or give me back aches. (Yeah, I’m getting old.) Another thing I really look out for is keeping it loving and attentive as opposed to dirty or sleazy. My Mom reads this blog and I don’t want her to think she raised me to be a smut peddler. I’m posting more pictures than usual here but if you only knew what it was like narrowing it down to this amount.

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