Third Time’s the Charm.

I finally got it right. After three years and three sessions I finally  captured Lana just as i see her. Though our previous sessions gave us some memorable shots.  (One that actually made it to the walls of SOHO Photo gallery) I never felt I quite captured the beauty and energy I saw in her. Lana stopped by late this morning and gave me the boost of energy and creativity that I desperately needed after a day/night of what might have equaled just a bit too much drinking. I hadn’t seen Lana in almost a year to the day. The was something different about her. She seemed more confident, mature, even radiant. We caught up on one another’s  adventures and experiences and connected the dots on the mutual friends we shared. It was great seeing her. I hope it’s not another year before we cross paths again. Below are some of my favorites. Breath easy….

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