When I get old… okay, really old.

Last night I met up with Allison at the gallery for a pre shoot meeting. Allison and I have been trying to get together for some time now but conflicting schedules and last minute cancellations have plagued us from the onset. As we sat and talked about our ideas it was pretty obvious that not only were we on the same track but we were sharing a seat on the train that ran along it. The give and take was easy and conversation flowed. I asked a lot of questions and learned a lot about her. We talked about her Texas roots and where we saw our lives heading. Allison being a newcomer to NYC while I’ve lived in and around the area my entire life. I told her that though I loved New York and my current town of Hoboken. Someday I wanted to live an entirely different existence. How I saw myself living in a desert town somewhere in New Mexico growing a long beard, investing in some flowery shirts, selling all my socks and selling my art on the streets. Lofty goals, I know. But a man has to have dreams. Afterward we shared some vermicelli and summer rolls a few blocks east before we head in opposite directions. I really look forward to working with Allison and one day, finding a buyer for all those old socks.

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