A Day on the Farm.

This Saturday Kayuri and I took a trip up RT. 80 to Chester, New Jerssey to go apple picking at Alstede Farms. I’m really a city boy at heart but I always wanted to try things like apple picking, and camping for instance. I just never imagined myself doing it in ninety degree heat.  The day was really hot and the sun was pretty intense, but we had a great time and got more than we expected. Not only did we pick a couple of dozen apples of different variety. We also found peppers, zucchini, pumpkins and tons of other veggies and fruits. There’s really something special about seeing it on the vine and picking it yourself. It really makes you appreciate the food on a whole new level. After a long and fun day of walking, picking and enjoying the beauty of nature we headed over to town and had a delicious dinner at Publick House Tavern. Thanks to my friend Mandy for the recommendation.

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