My own worst enemy

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always been a little clumsy. I’ve had my share of slips, trips and falls. I’ve even broken a few things in my time. Having to work in a small place doesn’t help any. Before I went wireless I was always tripping over wires and getting tangled up. I’ve improved a lot by using simple common sense and analyzing the situation before taking action. Yet everyone now and then I have to go and prove just what an accidental prone dork I am.  The other day I decided to trim one of my seemless backgrounds. Over the past week my white background had been walked on, stained and torn at it’s edges. Now I love working with the seemless backgrounds but being that they are basically made of paper does not allow for a longevity. Cutting paper might seem like a no brainer to most if not all. But if anyone is going to complicate the simple it would be me. Most of the time I use a scissor but it always ends up crooked and uneven. So this time I decided to lay the background down at the edge of the tile and use a razor. Fast, simple, straight and neat. So genius here is laying down that razor making a nice clean, straight cut when things took the slightest turn and Sliiiiiip…….. I cut my hand deep and the blood is everywhere. There was that initial rush of pain but what put me in fear was how fast the blood came. In a matter of seconds my hand was covered in blood. Blood on the background, floor, carpet and before long the sink. I was amazed how much blood I lost and how quickly. Luckily there was someone in the other room to bandage me up and stop the bleeding. I kept thinking of that scene in Goodfellas where Henry helps  the guy who was just shot near the Pizzeria. Tuddy looks at Henry disgusted and says “You wasted eight fuckin’ aprons on this guy.” I really need to pay more attention to safety and the little things.

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