Rooftops, power lines and what not.

Whenever I’m driving on 1 or 9, the New Jersey Turnpike or the Garden State Parkway I get the urge to pull over and take pictures of all the interesting things that I’m speeding past. The lights coming off the airport, the smoke billowing from the factories and industrial parks, the bridges and of course the power lines. I always think of taking the next exit ramp to explore and see what good stuff I can find. With my portrait sittings being almost non existent this week I decided to do just that. In the midst of getting some strange, dirty looks, yelled at, lost and pulled over by the fuzz. I got some cool shots. I brought my new monopod along with me which not only gives me a steady base for long exposures but makes people think twice about getting in my face. (Those things make for a wicked weapon when needed.) I also managed to get on a couple of roofs tonight at the perfect time. Enjoy, there’s more to come.

One thought on “Rooftops, power lines and what not.

  1. the last sunset photo reminds me of the one i saw last week when i was driving and of course i didn’t have my camera on me and also didn’t have a spot to pull over, but i kept staring at it trying to implant the image in my brain

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