Steph and Camila session

IMG_1587IMG_1607IMG_1606Last nights session had me pretty bummed out and completely exhausted. Weeks prior to the shoot I had been emailing back and fourth with Stephanie.A woman I had photographed a year or so ago. At the time I had been a bit clumsy if I remember. I had different gear and a background that didn’t give me the room I needed to get really creative. All that aside we had set up a session. She also brought a friend who I would also be photographing. The day of the shoot I got a call from Steph that they would be about twenty minutes late. Twenty minutes turned into about an hour and we lost most of the daylight I had planned on shooting before we headed back to the studio. On top of that they couldn’t find a parking spot. So with time ticking and the any remnants of light fading I jumped in their car and headed for the Monroe Center. I start a lot of my sessions at the Monroe Center because of the interiors unique vibe and interesting lighting within. I usually get to shoot there around dusk when the light is nice and soft. This was not the case. it was already dark out and I had to use flash which by the way I hate. Steph is a beautiful woman make no mistake but for whatever reason we weren’t hitting it last night. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes the communication just isn’t there. We took a short break where she went to change and I grabbed her friend Camila. I had seen some pictures of Camila prior to the shoot and was a tad concerned about possible skin issues.Fortunately this was not the case last night.We almost immediately clicked and got some great missed due to lateness and parking issues could have been extremely beneficial to our session.

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