When things go wrong.

IMG_0437The stars all seemed to be in line for todays session. Brand new roll of black seemless cut to the size I needed. Beautiful girl with a beautiful sweater and dress. I was set…. or so I thought. Just a few pictures into our session my sync cord stopped syncing. I checked to see if it was nice and snug. I unplugged and plugged it back in. I checked my lights. Nothing seemed to work. I’ve had this situation happen to me several times before as noted in a past posting. It seems as if I just purchased the newest chord a few weeks ago. Needless to say I was embarrassed and frustrated. In the past I would either take my sitting to the roof and shoot in natural light. Or maybe across the street to the park for some nice shadow and contrast. Being that it was the middle of the day, both hot and humid. I opted to just do what I could indoors. I am so sick of sync chords and their lack of sustainable reliability. First thing tomorrow I’m going over to B&H or Calumet to check out my wireless options. It might be a little more expensive but in the long run it will pay for itself considering how many sync cords I’ll end up buying. It will also give me piece of mind not tripping over wires. Especially considering what a clumsy, uncoordinated dork I can be. My first choice will be The Pocket Wizard II for which I’ve seen some video demos and testimonials. Thanks to Alex for her patience, being on time and actually liking the pictures.

2 thoughts on “When things go wrong.

  1. I got the wireless and the difference is night and day. You can come back anytime but you have to promise to bring the sweater.

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