Congratulations to newly elected Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano!!!

IMG_7444IMG_7445This morning forty four people were arrested in a sweeping corruption sting. The list included brand spanking newly elected Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano III, and other numerous politicians and (I shit you not) Rabbis. The arrest alleges everything from money laundering, brides, extortion, counterfeiting amongst others. New Jersey has always been a corrupt state and it comes as no surprise to anyone. It’s just really sad that we live in a culture where liars, cheaters and basic pieces of human excrement are so prevalent. That and the fact that we often reward it. Baseball Players cheat by using banned substances and are cheered upon their return. People are making book and reality show deals while still sitting in prison. Day after day we’re being fucked over by the people we are supposed to trust. Our politicians, religious leaders, corporations and countless others fuck us over and we take it. It’s far past the time we start looking at ourselves and at each other and make a fucking change.

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