No Pasaran! rocks Jersey City

IMG_9803IMG_9842IMG_9745This Wednesday I ventured over to Jersey City for “Groove on Grove” an outdoor concert series going on throughout the summer. I had gotten wind that my old friend Romels band !No Pasaran! was one of the two bands playing that night. Though the band has been around for a few years I’ve just started hearing about them. I had missed one of their recent gigs. So I was eager to see/hear what was up. I arrived at Grove in time to catch about half of Plowing Mud Forevers set. What a nice way to start things off. PMF play great, loud, experimental Metal with cool changes and a surprise here and there. I would definitely be into checking them out further. I hadn’t seen Romel in more than  fifteen years when he spent time in Jersey’s Dog Tired. Like he said after the show “It’s always good seeing someone from back in the day.” As for No Pasaran, they’re a three piece from here in Jersey and play a good mix of Experiment Punk and stripped down Rock. Often reminding me of some of my favorite bands such as Fugazi and The Clash. Lately I’ve been thinking about starting a music blog or bringing “UniteWebzine”back to life. If I do No Pasaran will be the first band I get in touch with. They have a full length  in the works for 2009. So keep your eyes open.

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