Faces in the crowd.


I never put much stock in what the weather man says. Though I do love all the TV wizardry they create waving their hands and making the panels behind them appear and disappear. The forecast for the weekend was rain, rain and more rain. Our original plans to head to the Bronx were scaled down to the Union Square are where there were two street fairs within a couple of blocks of one another. The idea of street food and particularly meat on a stick had my appetite at a peak. Before we headed out I decided to change lenses from my 28-135 to my 70-200 in order to get some candids from a safe distance. There is no beating NYC in terms of unique characters and individuals. Having a little distance to focus and not get attacked by aiming your lens at the wrong person is a big advantage. People react in a lot of different ways when they see you taking their picture. Most of those changes do not to help to produce a great image. I’ve made a point of always bringing business cards with me to give out to people I run into and photograph. Often offering to email them the image I shot.  Through the day I met some interesting people, ate a lot of random food and got a whole lot of sun. I may have noticed a cloud or two towards the end of the day. But I never once felt a drop of rain.

One thought on “Faces in the crowd.

  1. man, i think you taking that picture of me was some type of good luck because immediately after you walked away i have been having tons of luck fall in my lap. pretty funny things

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