Day 12; Hayama (Family Day)

While today was about as local as we’re going to get. It was by no means a dull one. Starting early with a huge grocery haul in preparation of a family get together and a trip to the Marina to stock the boat for Friday’s planned voyage. From there a short walk to the local buddhist temple and back to the house for a few hours of taking the chainsaw to some unexpected wood. And while I thought I was cutting for tonights gathering around the fireplace. I think I cut enough to keep the house warm for the entire winter. We got a lot done today. From loading the boat to preparing the dinner and everything between. I think we really pitched in, partially working off our debt to people who have been incredibly generous to us before, during and long after our visits. For dinner, the eight of us ate enough oysters to put the pacific ocean on alert. Kenichi (Kayuri’s Dad) and I drank and toasted one another throughout the night as Yudai (My nephew, his grandson) knocked everyone out his over the top energy.

There’s still a whole week left in this trip and I’m already missing these people. Their energy, positivity and above all, their laughter will be not be forgotten. Surely though, it will be greatly missed.

TempleI (1 of 1)
TempleII (1 of 1)Temple (1 of 1)TempleIII (1 of 1)Yudai (1 of 1)YudaiI (1 of 1)Window (1 of 1)YudaiIII (1 of 1)Earned it (1 of 1)


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