Saturday in East Harlem (B&W)

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since we visited Harlem. Having spent so many past weekends and holidays eating, exploring and searching for a home in the area. It’s hard to imagine. Perhaps the eventual move to Jersey City or our ever-changing tastes and appetites can be  blamed. Getting soft in my old age and not venturing as far uptown as I used can also be sited.Hoops As in most case, all set habits fall to the wayside when it comes to seeking out good food. In this particular case, Moroccan brunch at La Shuck. While it had been over a decade when I would dine with neighborhood friends at the local Hell’s Kitchen Moroccan joint on 46th St. The scents, color and taste kept my memories and taste buds longing for a return. While not the the whole story. I couldn’t go without mentioning what a great experience eat brunch at La Shuk was. Everything from the food to the design to the people made us want to linger long enough to savor each bite while plotting a quick return.

As we headed out with our belly’s full and a need to “walk it off”.  We headed towards the East River before eventually walking downtown. Unlike most of the times I’ve visited the area. The sky was overcast and the temperature was just cool enough to warrant wearing a jacket. Perfect being that I never really had the opportunity to photograph much due to harsh mid day sun. As my taste buds expand and my ever-growing need to get away from the everyday build. I hope to spend most of my weekends exploring as Winter continues to show itself. Thanks to my wife for insisting it was due time for a new winter coat.


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