Priced to Sell

From time to time I get emails regarding the possibility of purchasing images they see on the blog. As recent as last week I sold a poster of a particular image to someone who has visited the blog on a regular basis for years now. Due to some recent inquiries I thought it would make sense to let people know that all of the images seen on Photogeek are available for purchase in various sizes and formats. Feel free to contact me at with any questions or inquiries. Geek_          I offer everything from 5X7 matted prints to posters and aluminum prints. When contacting me, please be aware that I use one of, if not the best lab in the country and possibly the world. I do not, under any circumstances, send files through the mail. When making contact. Be sure to let me know what image you’re interested in. (Date of blog post might be the best approach.) As well as  your preference for size is so I can quote you the right price. All payments are to be made to my Paypal account. No exceptions. Thank you very much for your interest.

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