Reindeer Sighting In June

Journal Square is, by far, the strangest area I’ve ever lived in. Just within reach of my own home. Neighbors let trash sit in their yards for months at a time. Homeowners who never bother to take a broom to their sidewalks or curbs. HoodAt times, the streets smell like a stable of horses with a bad case of diarrhea are running amok on Tonnelle and Newark Ave.. And while this element of shame is luckily confined to a small area. It’s still eludes any connection to common sense. So when I came across a front yard that still had it’s Christmas decorations displayed in June. It made me smile, thinking      “At least it’s not a fucking toilet.” Merry Christmas                     Journal Square.

One thought on “Reindeer Sighting In June

  1. Ha! I live in Jersey City (a recent transplant), on the border between Hoboken and the Heights, across the street from a recycling plant. This post speaks to me! The Heights is trying to clean up its act, but we are not there yet. I’d like to think that all the trash on my front lawn is blowing over from the recycling plant. However, I have seen someone toss garbage into the middle of the street, while standing close enough to a garbage can to reach over and touch it. It took more effort to throw the trash in the street. I walked over picked up the item from the street and placed into the garbage can right next to them, in front of their face, as politely yet deliberately as possible. The guy was embarrassed. He should have been.

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