Sculpture Day at Jersey City’s Mana Contemporary.

SculpThis past Friday I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Sculpture Day at Jersey City’s home of the arts Mana Contemporary. Since moving in next door in August I’ve had the pleasure of visiting numerous times.           Most notably, the         Open Studio Tour and this particular opening. While I’ve been a part of many shows and exhibits as a photographer. Art has always had a way of leaving me both speechless and humbled. Being able to see how someone else interprets art and beauty is one of life’s greatest gifts. Listening intently while holding back your own words and endless array of questions while an artist describes his or her art and the things that make them so passionate about taking that emotion out for a creative walk is what I’d consider a life skill.

Artist Carole A. Feuerman
Artist Carole A. Feuerman

As I entered the building and observed some of the sculptures. I was greeted by Carole A. Feuerman.    I was asked  “Are you the photographer?” before being ushered on to the elevator and towards her 4th floor studio.           Her work, as well as the work of other artists were breathtaking and real. Along the way, I made friends with a fellow photographer who shared the same given names as well as interests. I really appreciated Carole’s energy, warmth and courtesy. I broached the idea of doing an interview with her for this blog when she returned from Italy. She seemed open to the idea, but I won’t push the issue. I can’t begin to describe the benefits of having such an abundant amount of energy and creativity thriving right next door to me. It’s a constant inspiration, as well as a reminder to stay creative and live an artful life.In the end art is community and community is art. Plant the seeds and let it grow.

Sculpt2 Sculpt1Sculpt

2 thoughts on “Sculpture Day at Jersey City’s Mana Contemporary.

  1. The top one is stunning! It reminds me of a nude I saw about 20 years ago where a woman had her hair wrapped in a towel and was drinking from a water bottle. When someone can look THAT GOOD with nothing on and “hiding” her hair, that’s when you know a woman has true natural beauty. It’s all about simplicity.

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