Spikey Takes on NYC.

Though we had never met. Jessy and I have maintained an online friendship for years. When I heard she was visiting New York city late this winter  I was hoping I’d get a chance to meet her. She had mentioned that when she finally came to visit she definitely wanted to be photographed. That made me more than happy. There was the initial back and forth through emails and texts while she was here. The time passed and to be honest I didn’t think it would happen. It was her first time in NYC and as you can imagine there is so much to see and do. Every minute counts. Monday came and while in  the midst  of a shoot I got a text. “Are we going to do this today?” “How do I get to you?” With my can’t miss directions she made it over without missing a step. As I met her at the PATH station I was taken aback. All these years and all the pictures I had seen of her had me thinking she was 5’9 or 5’ll. A tall, lanky Amazonian. Yet she was small in stature.

We talked and joked like any old friends would. There was none of the weirdness you’d expect when trading an online friendship for a face to face one. I showed her the main spots in town and we went to my place to take some pictures. Jessy is pretty damn awesome. We talked about everything from tortoises and her experience as a Park Ranger to life a Roller Derby girl. She promised to bring her skates and helmet the next time she came up. Jess, if you’re reading this. It was a pleasure to finally meeting you. I feel like I’d met my long lost little sister. Love you.

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