The Little Things

As kids there was absolutely nothing that could keep us inside. Rain called for puddle jumping, Snow gave us fuel for a snow ball fight or better yet, skitching. Tornado, awesome. Maybe I could jump in one of those crazy funnels and spin until I fell unconscious. Earthquake? Just a walk on the moon baby. It was pure freedom and innocence. These days we’re not so free. Jobs, bills, family and knowledge keep us from running naked into traffic. It’s life, the more you grow up, the more you mature. As you mature you more you think things through before taking action. That’s life. I miss those days when I was free to do things without fear of consequence. Thus is life. But if you could see the utter joy that came over me when I noticed this little girl having the time of her life splashing around in her galoshes. You’d think I was as five years old. I just love being reminded that life is about those little moments. Those pockets of happiness. Stay Gold people.

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