Halloween 5K

Saturday morning I volunteered in Montclair  for the Halloween 5K for Cervical Cancer. I can’t say enough about the volunteers and organizers who devoted their time, money and passion to this event. Raising funds, awareness and eduction for cervical cancer is paramount and it’s people like these who make it happen. To see the hard work, energy and dedication of these amazing people is both inspiring and rewarding. Respect to Mandy, Cristina and all the others that made this possible and for letting me be a part. It’s people like this who helped me realize how much volunteering and being active in your community can be. We can all make a difference.

Organizer, Congressman, Lawyer.
Awesome Kids
Remember and honor the loved ones we've lost.
Keep the pace.


Stay Hydrated.
Finish strong but don't leave anyone behind.
Don't let the kids eat all of the bananas.
Because gorillas get hungry and just might eat your children.

2 thoughts on “Halloween 5K

  1. Hey, This the guy who won the race. i was wounding if you show my photos so i can buy from, try to show me all and i will buy the one i like. Thanks man.

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