Barbie revisited.

So what ever happened to Barbie? The work hard but play harder role model for little girls everywhere. The woman who launched a million Paris Hiltons and Linsey Lohans. The girl who spent years trying to convince herself and the world that her boyfriend Ken was not the poster boy for the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” generation. Years of part timing on the runway and bouncing from job to job did not fulfill her dreams of one day becoming anatomically correct. Oh and we can forget the all night binges at the Play House in Malibu. Or the numerous times she crashed the sports car after a night of cocaine and meth binges. Some people just don’t learn. While others were sobering up and moving on to new and better lives. Barbie was still being spoiled with shopping sprees for new clothes, jewelry and accessories by little girls around the world. It was too much too soon for Barbie. For her life was a never ending party. She didn’t foresee that there wasn’t much of future in plastics and her years of retirement would be spent naked in a crowded Salvation Army bin with He-Man (Also gay) or even worse, a Staten Island land fill. I decided to tak a before and after look at Barbie and maybe give a Lindsy and Paris a look at what their future holds. Hope you enjoy.

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