Histoire de Melody Nelson

IMG_8388IMG_8372IMG_8402I’ve been listening to Serge Gainsbourg for weeks now. Histoire de Melody Nelson is an amazing album that I am shocked somehow managed to elude my ears for so many years. This a perfectly crafted Pop album with a lot of dirty, sexy twists and turns. Now listening to this album may not make me a better photographer and it might not score me any points with my Punk and Hardcore friends but fuck it. Music is music and it comes in so many colors and flavors. Listening to it’s many angles and nuances also made me want to post some of the pictures from last weeks session with Steph. I’ve worked with Steph several times and she is an amazing woman. A mix of Japanese, Philippine and Spanish. She has a great laugh and a shy smile. We had a blast that morning and even though she was late we got some great images in a short span of time.

As for Serge Gainsbourg I am learning as I go. I’ve picked up two albums so far and learning a little bit about the man himself. It would seem he was quite the playboy back in the day. Setting Paris and the rest of the world on fire with his raspy voice, seductive lyrics, controversial record covers and smooth orchestral sound. I don’t speak more than a few words of French but I know damn well what he’s singing about. Serge, you’re a dirty, dirty man and for that I am forever a fan.

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