Ask a Friend

LuLu (1 of 1)It’s not often when I ask a friend to model for me. Let alone, strip down to her bare essentials to help me tests ideas, such as boudoir set ups I’d like to do in the future. So when it came to asking one particular girl to help me out. At the very least, I was fully expecting a flat out rejection. When she surprisingly agreed.  I did everything I could to make her and myself feel as comfortable and pressure free as possible. My goal for this particular session was to project a sense of warmth and intimacy. A mix of subtle lighting, varied backgrounds and a great rapport with my model friend. I think we did a great job. And while my setup will need some adjusting. I’m grateful for getting the opportunity to work with someone I enjoy spending time with.


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One Size does not Fit All

Drop Box-35During the week or so before our session. Melissa and I spent hours exchanging ideas about our upcoming session and what we were both looking to achieve during the short window of time we’d be collaborating. During that time, she shared a number of images taken by other photographers. None of which, in my very humble opinion did her any justice. Basic things such as lighting and keeping her beautiful eyes under dark shadows. So during the final days before our session, I assured her that while I was just getting back in to studio work. She would leave that day with photos that would put her in a better light.

From the moment we met. I couldn’t help but think”This isn’t the woman I’ve been talking to for the last week or so.” Her presence and personality were glowing. Her beautiful eyes and smile, yet to be highlighted by the cameras lens. There was a look and a  spirit I wanted to portray. My goal for the shoot was suddenly revealed. Due to my usual nervous, anxious nature. I tend to talk a lot. In this particular case. I was so intrigued by her story. I just shut my mouth and listened. I was surprised by how many common interests we shared. The chemistry we shared during the shoot eased all of the usual nervous knots and anxiousness I get when beginning a session.Having been raised by a Mother who always appreciated and shared various art forms with me. I grew to love and appreciate women with curves. Maybe it was the Latin influence in our home. I don’t know. I’ve always been one to go with the “Good things come in all shapes and sizes.” Beauty isn’t a one size fits all affair.

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Keep it Sexy.

As of late I’ve been getting a lot of requests for boudoir, nudes and work that leads towards the sexier side of portraiture. One of the key elements I’ve worked on is lighting. I’ve played around with window light and on board flash with varied results. However, bringing my Studio lights into the bedroom has given me the best results. I love shooting nudes and such but I want to keep it as artistic as possible. Anyone can photograph a naked woman. Doing it artistically and tastefully is another thing all-together. Chemistry and the trust of and with the model are essential. Lighting is extremely important. I love that people feel comfortable enough with me to be natural and not hyper aware of the fact that there’s someone with a camera in the room. I see a lot of raunchy and sex driven photography on sites like Model Mayhem, which is fine and well. Just not where I want to be. For me I want to keep it more artistic. It can be sexy but it doesn’t have to get raunchy. I’m all about the sexy.

All that Jazz

As Jazz and I were finishing our session late last month she noticed an old photo of mine. It was a girl in short shorts and boxing gloves standing in a defiant pose. Our session was over but I knew she wanted to do something similar. So a few weeks later we scheduled another shoot and boy did she come prepared.  Complete with Jo Boxers shorts, a red and black Adiadas running jacket and a mouth piece to top it off. It was incredible. When it got down to taking the shots I showed her some basic stances. Jab, uppercut and right cross. All of which she executed well but rather gingerly. I did my best to help her get that game face. Growling, cursing and getting up in her grill. All that work and she basically laughed at me. After some early struggles we decided to change gears and picked up where last months shoot left off. The initial struggles quickly faded and everything just fell into place. I always talk about communication and chemistry as major ingradients to my work. I think I am going to add comfort and safety to that. It’s something I hear a lot these days and it’s important to keep that element strong in my work. Jazz is on Model Mayhem and is an absolute pleasure to work with.