Overcoming Problems

img_06551 As of late I’ve been having major issues with my sync chords not communicating with my studio flash. I own the Genesis 200 from Calumet and love the results they give me.

About a week ago I had a model over and no matter what I did the flash wouldn’t pop. The lights were fine but the sync chord just wasn’t communicating. In the past I often let my frustrations get the best of me which kept me from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I tried using an external flash but wasn’t happy at all with the results. I was starting to lose my patience and I think it showed. Luckily my subject was calm and very patient. Finally I decided to go fully manual. I opened my shutter as wide as I could and set the film speed to 3200 just to see what I would get. We both loved the results. The grainy nature of the photos gave them a sort of film noir quality. We both loved the results and I got a big hug in return.

The point of this is I see my self growing as I learn. In the past I wasn’t as willing to take chances for fear of making mistakes. These days I look froward to making them and learning. As I look back some of my best work came from taking chances and learning through trial and error. Doing things on my own gives me the confidence to take those chances.