Exemption (This Ain’t No Post About Tax Season.)

When I got to the Lit Lounge  Exemption was already a few songs into their set. As their sounds filled my head I noticed the lack of balance I was feeling earlier  coming back strong. I slowly dipped in to my camera bag as if not to upset some sacred ritual that had been practiced for years by the locals. Though it turned out this was not the case. Something spiritual was definitely being cooked up. The great thing about going out to shows is that no matter what band you’re there to see. (On this night it was Thinning the Herd) Someone or something is going to surprise you and maybe take you out of your element. Exemption did that for me. The band hails from Long Island and Brooklyn and has some serioius kick. I found myself not only wanting to capture that sound in my pictures but take advantage of  their invite to “Come say hello. Talk to us after the set.” I always feel a little apprehensive approaching bands after their set. There’s a sense of me wanting to talk to someone in the band while the spirit of their music is still boiling in my blood but it’s best to hang back. Let the guys get their shit packed away, cool off and have a chance to chill with their buddies. I got to talking to their guitarist Nick a bit later. Found out he was my  step fathers hometown of Massapequa. (Home of All American Burger) He gave me a copy of their disc ‘Public Cemetery Party’ which I’ve been nodding to all week. Be sure to check them out.

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Thinning the Herd Meet and Greet.

Thinning the Herd is a band I’ve been following for some time now. They were and are one the many bands I’m interested in talking to for Unite. When my bestie Rich Trash told me he was friends with the band I asked him to do the interview in order to possibly gain a more personal insight as to what makes them so fucking awesome.
When I heard they were playing the Lit Lounge I figured I’d swoop into Manhattan, gets some pictures and introduce myself. Seeing them live for the first time in over a year was great. Getting to hear the newer songs and get up close. Hopefully Rich will get back to nYc soon to sit down with the guys.
Thanks to Gavin for the Cd’s. I appreciate it. The bands new release Oceans Rise is amazing.

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Metal Monday with the Nolan Gate.

What better way to start off the week than with friends, drinks and a heavy dose of Metal. Such was the case this week when old friends The Nolan Gate invaded New York City to shake the foundation of the Lit Lounge. Paul, Tom and Darin (No pictures due to witness protection status) have been making heads explode due to their heavy, thick and sometimes sludgy sounds for years, playing everywhere with everyone. From intimate bars where you can find people slinking past to get to the bathroom or past the front door. To the enormous stage of The House of Blues. Legend has it that that the song “OceanLord” once killed a goat while being played from two towns away.  I’ve been friends with these guys for more than half my life now. Having known them for that long sometimes makes me overlook what amazingly talented musicians they are both as a unit and individually. Though I’ve missed many of their shows in the past. I seem to be making up for it lately.  I’m looking forward to a lot more shows and who knows, maybe a new record? There were two other great acts that went on before and after Nolan Gate. I’ll  post some of those pictures later. As for the Lit Lounge. I can’t say enough about the place. It has a nice look and vibe and it’s located in the heart of the East Village. Besides being a great bar that puts on shows. It also houses a separate gallery in the back. It seems like the kinda place I’ve been looking for to do a solo show. It was really great seeing everyone and I was more than happy to coax Dave out of the house for a bit.


Fashion Week scares the Bajeezus out of me.

Our friends The Nolan Gate had just finished their set and we headed upstairs for a few drinks before we headed back home. I don’t know what it was but something summoned us back to the basement to check out the next band. By the time we made our way back downstairs Fashion Week were already in full swing.Talk about sick. As I made my way past the guitarist singer (sorry, forgot his name) I felt as if a darkness had descended upon my soul. They were fierce and tight as fuck. I honestly can’t say enough about their set. If you get a chance to catch them live I highly recommend it. You will not be let down.