Fear is not an Option

There was a time in life and my life as a photographer when I was afraid to make mistakes and afraid to fail. It was a time of fear that really kept me from taking chances, exploring new ideas and basically allowing myself to fall flat on my ass. It wasn’t anything in particular, perhaps a lack of experience or confidence couple with a fistful of anxiety. There were times when it made me feel weird, shy and too damn self conscious.  It took time for this to pass and for me to allow myself to make mistakes but I did it. I made more than my share, each time learning and growing from them.It really help me grow as a person and as an artist.

These days I walk with a bit of swagger. I still makes mistakes and I still have plenty to learn. I’ve seen tremendous growth and maturity in both my studio and music journalism. I’m looking forward to taking steps forward instead of backward. In a sense I find myself gaining back the fight I had as a kid. There was no fence or wall I couldn’t climb. No bully I couldn’t knock on his ass. It’s all gravy.

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