All that Jazz

As Jazz and I were finishing our session late last month she noticed an old photo of mine. It was a girl in short shorts and boxing gloves standing in a defiant pose. Our session was over but I knew she wanted to do something similar. So a few weeks later we scheduled another shoot and boy did she come prepared.  Complete with Jo Boxers shorts, a red and black Adiadas running jacket and a mouth piece to top it off. It was incredible. When it got down to taking the shots I showed her some basic stances. Jab, uppercut and right cross. All of which she executed well but rather gingerly. I did my best to help her get that game face. Growling, cursing and getting up in her grill. All that work and she basically laughed at me. After some early struggles we decided to change gears and picked up where last months shoot left off. The initial struggles quickly faded and everything just fell into place. I always talk about communication and chemistry as major ingradients to my work. I think I am going to add comfort and safety to that. It’s something I hear a lot these days and it’s important to keep that element strong in my work. Jazz is on Model Mayhem and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

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