Finding Inspiration in Old Familiar Places.

Back in July I met up with the guys from !No Pasaran! to do an interview for my website. As I drove up to the series of buildings on Van Houten Ave. I got a serious case of De Ja Vu. Long before I moved to New Jersey in 2001 I spent a lot of time going to music venues and hanging out with friends here. Most of the time I really wasn’t paying much attention to exactly what town or what street I was on. For the most part  I was was just along for the ride. Since moving here I’ve had my share of “Wait, I know that place.” moments. Thus was the case with that day. During the nineties I had a lot of friends who played in local bands and rehearsed there. I always thought it would be a great place to take pictures and do photo shoots. So on a beautiful summer day I took my favorite test model and friend Audrey along with me and got it done. Since then I’ve returned twice and found different spots within the complex. It’s always a blast when you find a new spot to shoot. Especially when it turns out to be an old one.

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